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December 7, 2015
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Dec 18, 2014
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The New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs, established in 1968, is a statewide organization devoted to the promotion and welfare of dogs. The Federation is comprised of over 80 member clubs as well as individuals who are actively engaged in a variety of activities with their dogs. These include twenty-four All Breed Clubs, forty-eight Specialty Breed Clubs six Obedience Clubs and five Animal Welfare Organizations. The goal of the Federation is to:


Promote the welfare of dogs

Promote the responsible owning, breeding, exhibiting and working of dogs

Foster education of the general public with respect to the proper selection, care and maintenance of dogs and the responsibility of dog ownership

Awards annual veterinary school scholarships to worthy NJ residents

Protect and advance the interests of dog owners by means of communication and cooperation between members, the public and legislators

The NJFDC works with communities to establish Responsible Pet Ownership Committees to help improve the lives of dogs, owners and their neighbors

They are also working to place Pet Disaster Trailers throughout the State to help promote the future safety of pets and their owners

Keep current on state and local legislation that affect the interests of dogs and the dog owning community

Publish biennially the Pure Breed Resource, Rescue, and Canine Services Directory that are distributed statewide to veterinary offices, libraries, shelters and other organizations


If you have questions or suggestions for the Federation please contact one of the Board members.
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